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2021 Goals and Valentine's Gifts

This year instead of making resolutions or making my typical vision board (check out my videos from 2019 & 2020), I've decided to do 3 months, 6 months, and 12-month goals. My 3 month (by March 31st) goal is to have $600 in jewelry sales and develop 2-3 new drone-related t-shirt designs that aren't 100% IGOW related.

I'm still working on my 6 months and 12 month goals, but I definitely need to work on time management and planning things out more. I spend a lot of time thinking and not so much time efficiently doing things.

I'm very accustomed to having a boss and having goals laid out for me, so it's effortless to plan out my days and get things accomplished. Being your own boss is a totally different beast; you need to think 12 steps ahead at all times, plan things out months in advance and make sure you have everything you need to get the products you want out in time. I'm not very good about thinking 60-90+ days into the future, but it's something I need to work on.

For example, Valentine's Day is next month, and I slacked in, ensuring that I had items ready to sell now. I thought about it, and I looked at different beads and chains that I could make jewelry out of, but I didn't take the initiative to ensure I had all the things I had been thinking about ready to go.

Instead of having a dedicated Valentine's Day line since I'm just starting, I decided to keep things simple this year and offer chains with heart or circle pendants that can be personalized with initials and dates, whether it's a birthday or anniversary. I use metal stamps for these, and I have 2 different fonts available currently—Bridgette, which is pictured below, and a standard Sans Serif font quite similar to this text.

I will also have ID bracelets available that can be customized with up to 2 lines of text with no more than 25 characters (including spaces) per line. These items are etched using my Cricut Maker and can be done in a wide variety of fonts.

I'm going to offer children's bracelets as well. The best part about everything that I've decided to offer so far is that it's not only for Valentine's Day. You can get personalized bracelets and necklaces for a wide range of reasons, whether as a graduation gift, a birthday present, or a way to commemorate a special occasion.

These items are currently available in my shop at Get one today for yourself or a loved one.

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